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Got a new logo


I have a new web site but along with that comes a new logo. I have a couple of idea”s for the logo which goes along the theme of the new look website and hopefully you will like what you see.134x94TFRY

 This blog is about the logo but I have to tell you that after watching a little bit of TV over the last few days and seeing the Marks & Spencer adverts about the M&S Toffee Fudge & Belgian Chocolate Hot Cross Buns I had to go and get some today.

207 calories per bun!

Was it worth it you ask , OH YES !

Well as I am here and I”m sure you want just a tad more to read then i have put already how about a little more about me and how i got started .

Photography is something that I discovered at an early age through my Dad’s passion for capturing the moments from the holidays we went on as children. Our family treasures these images and we often smile looking back and reliving the memories.

 I recall mobile casino taking a photo one evening at a party I was invited to of a can of coke and a bottle of All-purpose cleaner in the kitchen with a big American fridge in the background. Took it in black and white and it just worked! It was a random thing to shoot but it still inspires me to this day.

 The Children came along and I have captured special moments for the three of them. Now I have been blessed with grand children and it’s hard to balance just spending quality time with them and wanting to capture every moment through my camera. I have learnt to get the camera out at the right time although they insist on cheesy grins each time I point the camera.

I have managed to get them to ignore me now and I capture the more candid moments of them playing not knowing I’m shooting them.

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