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Wedding Photography in Coventry

Louise & Bryan- Loch Lomond

000-Cover (Transparent)

Louise & Bryan got married overlooking Loch Lomond. The setting was perfect and exactly what they wanted for their wedding day. I asked why Loch lomond and they told me how they wanted to capture the colours of the time of year and they certainly did! They went up the year before at the time of the wedding to see what it looked like and booked the date and they went from there.I”m lucky enough to know them both so I was  even more excited than normal hearing about the wedding plans.I could go into how long we have known each other but lets just say we went to school together , time flies. x

I went out early on the morning of the wedding to get some fresh air and take in the beauty that surrounded the “Lodge on the Loch” where the wedding was being held.002-003

The sun was just coming up  and looked like it was going to be a perfect day although a little chilly (cold) it was a perfect day could not have asked for more.

004-005I love seeing the flowers and shoes and It”s normally my first look at the wedding dress so an exciting part of the day for me.

006-007Steph and Aaron proud of Mum

012-013Bryan was Downstairs with  Elliot when I caught up with him.


Seeing the happiness and online casino joy in both faces and having the best seat in the house as they took their Vows.


We spent about 20 minutes outside once they wedding party had gone in to get warm after the group shots.

032-033We Started by the Loch and walked back to towards the “Lodge”


Just one more photo and you can go inside.


Steph made the cake and got it from Coventry to Loch Lomond (Impressive) in the car.


The speeches had everybody giggling.

038-039The First Dance and Ria and I appear in the wedding album(top right) , not something that normally happens !

Love you Both

Terry x

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